The Art Book for Children – Review

The Art Book for Children

The Art Book for Children

The Art Book for Children is a hard-backed book published by Phaidon. The book is an A to Z guide that covers thirty of the most interesting and important artists from throughout history. The book is a great introduction to the world of art and is suitable for children of all ages.
Among the artists included in the book are Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Warhol, Turner and Velazquez. The book covers everything from the Mona Lisa to the American gothic. The authors selected works of art that they believed were historically significant, but would also be appealing to children. In addition to historic artists, a couple of more recent ones such as Donald Judd and Cindy Sherman have also been included.
By Ilya Esaulov

By Ilya Esaulov

The book is aimed at children aged seven or older, and includes the work of painters, sculptors, engravers and even photographers. The book tries to remain age appropriate whilst still challenging readers to think about what art is, and how art can be expressed in different ways to evoke a response from the viewer.
Throughout the book are suggestions for various activities for the reader to try so that they can learn what it is like to work with different materials and to explore different styles. The activities usually require only basic materials and can be done at home. Readers also learn about the history of the artists and the time that they lived in, as well as what inspired them to create the works included in the book. Btw the same regarding cartoons illustration and illustrated maps.
While the book is aimed at older primary school children, the topics covered in the book are appropriate for a wide range of age groups and older children that appreciate art may still enjoy the title. Families will enjoy sitting down together and discussing the questions raised in each section.

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