How Booklet Printing Services Make Everyone a Publisher

Print-on-demand technologies are something that has earned a bad reputation in the world of traditional publishing, but as custom product design technology improves and the quality of on-demand printing presses increases, we have reached the stage where the physical product is almost indistinguishable with the kind of product produced by a traditional publisher – down to the quality of the binding.

Online Designing Booklet tool

Online Designing Booklet tool

Today, services such as SoloPress or LiveArt Product Designer offer users the ability to print leaflets, brochures, flyers, illustrated maps, posters and catalogs that are high quality, professional, and a great representation of their brand, and design tools such as LucidPress put the power in the hands of the user thanks to their powerful templates and their easy-to-use product designers.

All The Power of a Professional Publisher

 Lucid or LiveArt designer tools

Lucid or LiveArt designer tools

As recently as a few years ago, designing booklets was a difficult task that required a fairly powerful computer. If you did not have a high-end desktop, a graphics tablet, and a license for some expensive and hard to use publishing software, you simply would not be able to make professional-looking layouts.
Today, LucidPress and other similar services offer the same features via the power of cloud computing. They provide users with hundreds of templates to start working from, so anyone can create professional-looking brochures and books.

Online Collaboration Tools

Users can even collaborate with others in the same company while creating their documents. This means that someone can hire a professional photographer or a freelance writer who can work on their area of expertise and submit their work directly into the document, while the person with the “vision” ties it all together. Alternatively, a proofreader can be sent the first draft, and make live edits. Of course, to prevent malicious users from ruining a person’s hard work, the cloud-based tool has a revision history, so mistakes can easily be reverted.
Custom clothing editing tools have existed for a long time, but more sophisticated document editing is relatively new, however, this niche is rapidly growing, and is giving even small business owners the chance to invest in building their brand in new ways.

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