Illustrated Books Can Make Great Kid’s Gifts

Illustrated books can make wonderful gifts for kids of all ages, as illustrated maps are very original and unexpected gift for adults. Older kids can appreciate the beauty of detailed illustrations, and for the little ones a personalized story and some bright and bold pictures is sure to delight.

Revitalizing Old Stories

Illustrated books or booklets can be a good way to get reluctant readers to pay a little more attention, too. Introduce your kids to the wonders of stories such as Arabian Nights and Alice in Wonderland with illustrated versions that bring the exotic worlds and strange characters to life. Folio Books publishes some lovely versions of the old classics, in a collectible hardcover format.

A Personal Touch for Reluctant Readers

A new, independent company called Your Very Own Story makes unique stories for younger children. These custom-printed books are full of lively illustrations, and the buyer can choose the name of the hero and the hero’s friend, as well as where they live, so your child gets to be the main character in the book.

Graphic Novels

Illustrated Books for Kids as a gifts

Illustrated Books for Kids
Cory Doctorow

Illustrated books don’t have to be ‘kid’s stories’, either. Graphic novels have a universal appeal, with even jaded teenagers and mature adults appreciating the art style, and the stories. Manga can come in a range of forms – from childish romance to mature and gritty stories, and comic books cover the whole spectrum too.
Even decorated science fiction authors, such as Cory Doctorow, are getting involved with graphic novels today – and those stories are well worth introducing your teenagers too. They’re modern and something that your teens can relate to, but feature some complex morality that will be a good starting point for some important conversations – or just a starting point for getting your child to think about how their choices affect others, and how the other people on the Internet are real people – even if you can’t see them or don’t know much about them.
We rarely give the gift of books these days, and that’s a big shame. E-readers and tablet PCs have made a lot of people switch to digital downloads, but there’s a charm to holding a real book in your hands, and that’s something that the younger generation are losing out on. Why not pick a beautiful and collectible illustrated book to give as a gift to a child you know, so they have something special to pass on to the next generation?

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